Survey Says…Help LTC…


If you are a Lowell resident, and subscribe to Comcast (Cable, TV, or Internet), LTC would appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete their Television Survey.

The survey only takes a few minutes, but helps a lot!  Of course, please feel free to spread the word with your friends and neighbors.

One Response to “Survey Says…Help LTC…”

  1. Madeline Minahan says:

    I have just recently moved to Lowell and have subscribed to Comcast. I have not needed any service. So I can’t speak to their service.However, I would gladly change to Verizon if I had the chance. I don’t feel that there is anything to watch on Comcast and we pay an exorbitant amount for what we get. I had Verizon prior to this and always had many choices. I hope that Verizon will soon be in Lowell.

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